Kait's love for Jaxx Foundation

This organization was founded to Honor the memories of Kaitlyn Anderson and her unborn son, Jaxx Jarvis, who were killed tragically on Nov 18, 2021. She left behind a legacy of kindness and love and our mission is to continue her legacy. The Kait’s Love for Jaxx Foundation, was created to honor everything special about Kaitlyn and Jaxx. It is our mission to serve those who are grieving through partnership and support., and education.

Jaxx the Deer Workzone and Driver Safety Education

We provide free Workzone and Driver Safety Education to K-12 students.

Jaxx the Deer is our Work Zone and Driver Safety Education program Mascot. This driver safety education program is designed for children grades K-12.

Jaxx the Deer will teach kids to “Be a Deer! Slow Down and Move Over! Workers Are Near!”

Jaxx will educate students on the critical importance of work zone and driver safety. He visits schools, community groups, community events and provides age appropriate curriculum to engage students, teach them about workzone and driver safety and provide a call to action to spread their new knowledge!

Every student is asked to share what they have learned with their adults. Each student will receive educational materials and challenges to remind them of what they learned.

The program is designed to visit students throughout their K-12 education to reinforce age appropriate safety education and challenges to ensure we are fostering good and safe habits for young drivers in the work zone and on the road.

The K-8 program focuses on basic knowledge, what to look for on the road, how to respond to work zones and distractions, and how to share driver safety information with drivers in their lives. The 9-12 program will include deeper driver safety education, demos, scenarios and end with a Safe Driving Education Certification.

Want Jaxx the Deer to come to your school, Group, or Event?
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Interested in Sponsoring the Jaxx the Deer Program? 
Sponsorships spots for this program are available. We offer many different levels of sponsorships to meet your budget and advertising needs.  
Each sponsorship level comes with varying levels of exposure to our audiences from wearing your company t-shirt to a single event, to inclusion in our print, videos, online media, and mascot costume.
All sponsorships go directly to fund the supplies associated with the Jaxx the Deer program including educational materials, give away items, travel, and continued curriculum and content development. 
Our Reach
This program will serve students grades K-12 throughout Missouri, Illinois, and all Missouri boarding states with hopes of being nationwide.
Our goal is to be the premiere free nation wide resource for work zone and safe driving education in order to foster respectful, safe, and engaged drivers to decrease the number of work zone and distracted driving accidents.